First Attempt at Freelancing

Living in Chicago, my annual income doesn’t actually cover my living expenses. Granted, my living expenses include dinners at RPM Italian and Duck Duck Goat more often than not. But still. It’s rough.

As an alternative to digging myself further and further into debt, I decided to try freelancing in my (very limited) free time. Having just completed my first two weeks of freelance work creating, posting and optimizing Facebook advertisements, I have mixed feelings about the experience.

Overall, I would rate freelance work as more stress than it’s worth. Imagine taking the anxiety of starting a new job, combining it with zero training and the expectation of immediate results, and then throwing in extremely limited coworker communication. There’s not really anyone to ask for help. You’re expected to come in knowing exactly how to do what you were hired to do. You also have to pick up very quickly how the company operates. Being a first timer, I didn’t really know this…

You might have guessed it, but I definitely exaggerated my Facebook Advertising skills to the employer. What made things worse was that the “employer” was actually the CEO of a start up company that currently employees only 3 other people. He reeeally was leaning on me to already know what to do and be an expert. Surprise! I’m not.

Even though I was paid $500 for the job, I could tell the experience was not what either of us were hoping it would be. Unless you truly are a complete expert needing no guidance at all, I don’t think you should attempt a high paying freelance job. The stress of having to teach myself the skill set, combined with having to work an additional 3 hours each day after my regular work day, ended up not being worth it.




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