Launching A Business

Here Goes Nothing

Launching a business can be a lot like taking your first step off of a diving board. You’re unstable and nervous, there’s a moment of complete free-fall and then SLAM, you’ve hit the water full force. However, after a few minutes of treading water, you realize you’re getting used to the cold temperature and learning how to keep your head up. Starting a company is the same thing.

The key to running a successful business is to learn how to think on your feet. While working for a successful start up over the past two years, I took notice to how the CEO maneuvered whatever shots were fired at her with ease and grace. She had an answer for ever issue, and never tired from the punches. The drive to keep going and the ability to stay calm during crisis is what makes or breaks the launch of a company.

Today marks the first day of the launch of my own company, and I am right about to start that free-fall moment where I’m unsure if when I crash, I will sink or swim. But with determination and resilience, I can only hope to learn how to navigate the waters.

Happy Grinding!

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