Taking a Leap of Faith

I've recently undergone a lot of changes in my life, starting with this past November when I turned 25. That birthday came with a lot of realizations, first and foremost being that I am now an official adult. At 22, 23 & 24 you're still considered a college grad. 25 though, that shit hits ya.… Continue reading Taking a Leap of Faith

Rat Race

Working in a face paced agency setting, I've never actually been happy at my job. What seems to happen most often is that I'll start a new position, be excited about the money or work perks for about 3-6 months, and then the resentment and jadedness begins to really set in. The dynamic is tricky,… Continue reading Rat Race

Job Hunting While on the Job

Being in your young twenties can be extremely confusing career wise. There is this constant nagging thought that maybe you shouldn't be in the job you're in, or maybe the 9-5 lifestyle really is a wasteland for youth. Maybe you should move west, become a yoga instructor, spend all your money on traveling... Being at… Continue reading Job Hunting While on the Job

Fitness, Social life, or Sanity

As a 24 year old continuing to attempt adulthood, I've discovered a new, three - pronged fork in the road of life. There are three aspects of being 24 that just don't seem to add up. How does one keep a hot bod, keep up a social life of eating out and drinking, and still… Continue reading Fitness, Social life, or Sanity